About Me

I’ve always been drawn to a good story. When I was young, I couldn’t find enough to read. As it came time for college, I kept chasing those stories straight through a Bachelor’s in English Literature. Along the way, I fell in love with writing my own as well.

Now, freelance writing and editing have been my full time career for more than five years, working primarily with online publications to craft compelling content for even the most dense and downright dry technical topics. In that time, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the nuance of word choice, sentence structure, and the rhythm of language.

I see writing as a puzzle, a toolkit with innumerable pieces to arrange and rearrange to different ends and goals. To me, editing is more than just putting commas where they need to go and correcting typos. It’s about working with writers to utilize that toolkit to its greatest effect.

Oh, and about those stories, I’m still looking for new ones to take me to worlds I couldn’t have dreamed of and show me things beyond imagining. I cherish the opportunity to work with writers to help them realize the boundless possibility of story.

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