Portfolio Building Sale!

First, I haven’t kept up with this blog, which will change very soon, but more importantly, I’m announcing today that all of my editing services, including web design, are on sale between now and September 7, 2020 for 50% off!

Why? That’s probably the first thing on your mind reading that. I hate the idea of sleazy sales gimmicks, but at the same time, I realized that I have a serious problem—my portfolio is seriously lacking. I’ve been writing an editing for years in the nonfiction world on the web, but editing novels is relatively new to me. So, the only solution is to work with writers willing to test the waters at a reduced price.

I guarantee that, even at these discounted rates, all writers will receive my absolute best effort on their work, and I’ll do everything I can for them. We all have to start—or in my case, start over—somewhere. This sale is my way of doing just that.