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Why Do I Need Editing?

Writers know their way around words. They’re usually confident in their grammar skills, and they’re capable of crafting unique and inspiring sentences. So, why would a skilled writer need an editor?

Editors serve as a second set of eyes, a second expert opinion. It’s an editor’s job to understand the writer, their work, and what they set out to achieve with it. Editors aren’t there to pick apart a writer’s work or tell them what to do. Editors help writers to enhance what’s already there and amplify their voice. A writer alone is great, but a writer working with an editor is damn near unstoppable.

If you still aren’t convinced, consider this; everyone makes mistakes. Even the greatest writers in history worked closely with editors to refine and perfect their work. It might be hard to imagine, but it’s a safe bet that the works we consider “masterpieces” today probably wouldn’t have shone as brightly, had they not been first reviewed by a talented editor.

Here’s some more to consider:

  • Editing distinguishes your work as being professional.
  • Your audience expects to read clear, concise, and error free text.
  • No one can find every error alone, especially not in their own work.
  • Editors were avid readers before embarking on their career path.
  • Editing encourages and inspires writers.
  • Self published books need editing to compete against traditional publishing.

Services & Rates

Free Sample Edit

Trusting someone else with your writing can be scary. It’s a major step to take in your writing journey, and it’s one you should have absolute confidence in. In order to give you the opportunity to see if I’m the right fit for your writing project, I offer free single page sample edits with a quick turnaround. You’re free to test the waters, no commitment necessary.


When most people think of editing, they’re thinking of copyediting. This is the down and dirty type of editing that digs into the grammar, punctuation, and mechanical construction of writing to catch any mistakes or inconsistencies. Copyediting also delves into major plot issues and basic fact checking to ensure that your copy is cohesive. If you’re going to choose one type of editing above all else, get a professional copy edit.

Line Editing

Line editing and copyediting are commonly confused and, often times, overlap. You can think of line editing as a line-by-line stylistic sweep to clean up any awkward language in your writing. This is the point in the editing process that addresses poorly structured sentences, repeated word use, and cumbersome language. Line editing takes rough writing and refines it into something smoother and more eloquent. When you’re looking to improve the flow and feel of your work, line editing is the best option.


Proofreading is the final layer of polish on an already edited work. It’s the last review before sending a piece out into the world. Proofreading checks for many of the same spelling, grammar, and style issues that a copy edit would but without the same level of depth. After all, proofreading comes after copy editing. A thorough proofread also searches for formatting and all the little details that go into a professional finished product.

Manuscript Review

Think beta reading plus. Manuscript review isn’t quite the same as a comprehensive developmental edit, but it still provides an in-depth review of a manuscript’s content. A manuscript review checks for inconsistencies, plot holes, and any story related problems. Manuscript reviews provide valuable input from a trained reader with a professional background on story elements, word building, and character development too.

Web Design

In today’s world, writers, editors, and anyone working in a creative industry needs a website. They’re a perfect way to connect with your audience, showcase your brand, and sell your services directly. Websites don’t need to be complicated, but they’re still daunting for many people.

I’m in a rare position among editors; I used to work as a web designer. I understand what creatives need in a website and how to build it as simply and efficiently as possible. If you’d like a quick example of what I do, I designed and coded this site.


If you’re looking for clear and concise copy, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need an article, blog post, website copy, or even the back blurb for your book, I can provide something to grab your readers. Copywriting is often the difference between making the sale and falling short. With engaging copy, you have a better chance of keeping a reader’s attention and driving them to a sale or loyal readership.

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